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reply to stokanator - Yes, one or two F-35 test pilots actually said that the poor visibility around the F-35 would consistently get them shot down in close combat. However, we are working to make the sensor system work to its specifications. Once we have it working, the pilots should have superior visibility to their eyes alone. Just give us some time. And, if Lockheed or military test pilots make a negative public statement about the aircraft that they are testing and we find out who they are, they will NEVER fly again. You can rest assured. Just remember, the F-35 is a special aircraft, primarily for intelligence gathering. We have never said that it is an air superiority fighter. The head of the USAF says it will be flying in groups of eight with two F-22's to provide top cover. That way, so long as it outnumbers the enemy, once its systems are fully developed and up to date jamming pods are available in a few more years, it will be vastly superior to ANYTHING comparable.