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I've seen what the f-35 is capable of first hand and have no doubt its real mission will be causing
fear in our friends and neighbors and our own families seeing it's poised to fight " domestic terrorism" or at least that's how it will be put forth in the propaganda used to misinform the public while concealing their true intentions of finishing off what little is left of our Government in the name of freedom even though they are the liars. The F-35 can fly really slow and the lighting they have cause people all over this country to assume theyve seen a "UFO" and our leaders say nothing not one word because it's secret and regular people have no right to know what's going on anyway it's not like the people are the Government no these people work for Mr. Big the nameless faceless person who never existed but don't tell them that or you may be labeled a terrorist.

The regular people are the next monster war needs waged on to keep us in line and under their control and believe it or not a major city could be terrorized big time by just a few f-35's with the ability to see into multiple homes, monitor your cellphone and lock and load onto a thousand targets at once as they announce no-one is allowed to resist without risking being attacked and harrassed by what you are rightfully the ruler of. Like I said they harrassed my family for over an hour and a half and believe it or not it started by them leading us on a 14 mile drive home for us and we arrived at our destination the same time the four of them did and that feat is pretty hard to beat by any modern fighter. The point you're missing is thinking it was designed to fight other planes. I could have hit the ones that flew over our house with a rock or brought one down with a harpoon gun but they weren't on a seek and destroy mission they were just practicing fly over super low and slow, hard bank, slow down some more, circle back around and repeat over and over and over again. I've seen our little dog chase a cessna that flew over across our yard that was travelling faster than these birds were. The engines make a distinct sound and the lights blink crazy. From underneath they are dull gray and look like something out of star wars but it was late at nite and stealthy is how they are. My guess is they were operating under command of DHS. You tell me,,,,,,, adios