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Oh, so our contracting folks say we must continue to use the ESI contract for all IT software and hardware purchases. So does this mean that we can now lay off every contracting officer in the DoD because we now have a centralized purchasing area? Does this mean that every small, medium, and large business owner must now shutdown shop because their will be no more bidding on IT hardware and software purchases?

In order to create jobs, you must successfully support the small, medium, and large businesses, which in turn, create jobs, generate tax revenue, and pull our economy out of the gutter. This administration and its patsies are intentionally destroying our nation with all of these mechanisms being put into place.

Everyone is afraid to speak up about it. Not me. The thought processes involved with some of these people is utter madness. This is like the housing bubble. Its about to burst, and don't say I didn't tell you.

After listening to the DON CIO speak, all I heard was bla bla bla, Im just trying to finish my time so I can retire and keep congress and the president off my back.