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The assumption here is that the war would be localised(possibly in ECS or SCS). The point is what is that would bring US forces and PLA- N to clash?? Support to Taiwan, Japan or any other ally or is it to enforce the freedom of navigation which is being challenged? So depending on how localised it is, theoratically the PLA N may have a marginal edge. But it should be analysed with the role of other players out there who would be acting in tandem more so if US is protecting their interests. Also, let there be no illusions about the technological superiority of PLA Navy. US doubtlessly as a global player would have worked out all contingencies and would have even rehearsed their own responses by using those means which are necessary to defeat PLA-N in their own back yard. So it is very doubtful if the small Chinese Navy can defeat the US Naval elements in the near foreseeable future.