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A major focus should be on Information and Information Governance, the "I" in JIE. DoD is awash in useless bits clogging bandwidth, slowing networks, eating up storage, and wasting CPU and human time for search and retrieval. There is about 1.2 Zettabytes of digital information world wide. 80% of that is duplicate. 70% of digital content is generated by users, but the responsibility for managing the content falls on the enterprise. Promise of "efficiencies" for consolidating control of bandwidth and processing power will completely unfulfilled because the growth in "bits" will overwhelm the efforts.
Companies promise magic from all this dark data. There is no magic, they simply weed out the garbage to find the actionable information. We, DoD, need to destroy the unnecessary, govern creation, limit duplication, and be more thoughtful about sharing.
Along the current path, all JIE will do is to funnel all this digital detritus into bigger, more cumbersome, and more useless piles.