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It is most odd and very revealing that Adm. Michael Rogers, USN, the agency’s [NSA] new director, who also leads the U.S. Cyber Command, doesn’t realise the unbelievable damage that Uncle Sam is doing to himself and their shocking awe filled allies, and they who be conspiring aspirant cohorts, because of their obviously apparent inability to make great and good peaceful use of all the information and intelligence they are supposed to be able to collect and process for critical strategic and tactical advantage. With practically all world stages starring US forces and virtual machinery in catastrophic destructive decline, what does NSA and U.S.Cyber Command imagine that tells all other intelligence agencies and leading players in the genre?

Is there nobody over there in the Wild Wacky West able to enable fabless constructive realities with AI and a fantastically creative narrative and/or narratives for subsequent and attendant media and IT hosting and universal presentation/virtual dissemination?

If that is the key core source problem, travel to the Exotic and Erotic and Esoteric East to lease purchase what is required would seem like the simplest of no-brainer options to explore and resolve to deliver success rather than ignore and resign oneself to serial failure. It is not as if IT is rocket science, is it, perfect common sense?