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I have a very difficult time with what Snowde did. IMO the information gathered as a whole belongs to each and every citizen, and I for one did not appreciate him stealing documents that belong to me , or you, or the USA . I had a real issue with the civil liberties org's trying to come to his aid. The act is nothing short of an act of treason. While our relatioships haven't suffered, my thought then goes to how did active investigations fair?

This is the central nerve of any work the NSA does, i am guessing, so I take a lot of offense to what he did.

I do feel very sad more people don't see the bigger picture, it seems like this gave opportunity to people to bad mouth our security agencies. I take that personally too, and I am a civilian, however, my country and its security is one thing I was taught never ever to take for granted.

Despite any act any government agency may endeavor, if someone feels something is not right there are channels, and there are places, several actually, an employee can take this, and that is a fairly standard option. So any excuse that his superiors would not be appropriate, there are higher offices.

Had the documents not been leaked, and exposed out of his own personal illegal possession, perhaps my opinion might be different. Sometimes, yes there is need to tattle on someone or something, take it from me, the family tattle-tale as my brother to this days says, and i am 53, there are instances, but it doesn't mean you break the law, or your oath.

Its as bad as his claims for his reasons. I do not understand how one could even justify the act in ones own mind... maybe I am niave, but I just do not get it. Its like the same thing, in this case, the END did not justify the means. It just made him a thief of docs constrained by laws.

Honestly I had no intention of posting here, but the article of course grabbed me. As a civilian, I am thankful for every single thing my government does to keep us all safe. In my world big broher can watch all they want, I prefer to think of it as a loving watchful eye, what can I say... I am probably one of very few people who actually feels like this, maybe its because my family all served, maybe its because I get cofort in the thought. What ever the motivation in my head, I truly do love every single person whose job it is daily keeping this nation safe, and I feel like I have a giant family out there, in places I will never see or probaby ever really understand. I just know when I go to sleep, i feel safe and cared about. Thank You all, for everything you do!