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Group think and arrogance and compacency. Some years back we got our hands on a couple of MIGs and we scoffed that Russian technology was backward, they were still using valves. Valves! We were using things called dual gate FET's that were sooo much better. We were criminally complacent. Only after a lost decade did we realize that all our communications would have died in a real war upon the release of the first EMP. Valves, unlike FETs are immune to EMP. We were in fact completely helpless for decade and not know it. The Russians did! That's a sobering thought.
A decade on and our government were registering protests because the Russians were beaming high frequencies into our embassies, 'to cook our diplomats brains'. Again complacency. They were actually listening to everything we said using the doppler effect of small metallic objects vibrating as we spoke. For another decade they had the upper hand and we never knew it. The moral is never listen to the sound of your own voice and never underestimate your opponent. Something we seem to do repeatedly.