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Peter, congrats on your second book. It is obvious from the passion and length of your comment that you are truly convinced about the idea that nature and IT are intertwined and that the growing Internet of things will turn into next cognitive entity, which you called Nelly, is on the horizon. I don't necessarily agree with your hypothesis without some rationale & logic trails that show the reasoning. I do agree with Stephen Hawkins comment about AI. I think you are taking it further, which shows how much thought you are putting into this theory. What I came away with is that you provide lots of statements, but paucity of explanations/logic trails as to how you reached your basis. It took be several reads, but I came away thinking of the Star Trek adversary 'The Borg' which were a physical combination of machine and humans. I really think you have a lot of potential for a great story/book if told in simpler terms with a logic trail on how you reached this point. My thanks for the obvious time you took to place a comment on my light-hearted blog. All the best and may the holiday season be filled with good health, lots of adventures, and prosperity. Cheers, Dave