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SrA Rosado is very much on point that Augmented Reality has a huge amount to offer in terms of potential depth of training. And Pokemon GO is just the latest in a string of AR games that have been emerging over the last few years, showing that the technology really is coming to maturity.
Meanwhile, GO's stunning success makes it an outstanding vehicle for driving discussion but, in addition to a lack of educational value, it shares many weaknesses with Army offerings as a game. GO's publisher trades on nostalgia the same way Army "interactive training" has traded on being a mandatory requirement. There are entire fields, including aspects of behavioral psychology, that have grown up around the games industry. We need to take the time to learn some fundamental lessons about what actually makes things engaging before we try to push forward with the latest technology. There's a reason that people still get engaged with decades old games and dismiss newer offerings after a short time of marveling over their slick graphics.

Mr. Whitacre; You may find looking into Pokemon GO's predecessor game from the same company very interesting. GO is, in many ways, a superior game that shows lessons learned their earlier offering. Their earlier offering, however, has some intriguing points of interest complete with photographs.