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Hi Mr. Seffers,
I recently read your wonderful article on Ambassador Montgomery. My father and mother met him the night he was bestowed the honor with the Donovan Award at the OSS Society's annual dinner and were smitten by his outstanding demeanor and character. My father, Helias Doundoulakis, was awarded the Distinguished Service Award that same night, along with my uncle George (posthumously) — that's how my parents met him. My mother at least saw my Dad receive the award that night. Ambassador Montgomery's wife did not.
Notwithstanding, he was a remarkable individual. It is sad that he has died, like so many others. My Dad also died soon after the Donovan Dinner, on Feb. 29th, 2016. In my long career as a neuroradiologist, I asked my WWII veteran patients to sign a book, with their names, rank, branch, and where they served. All those patients have died as well.
Thank you for accompanying the Ambassador on his journey home; many like him will be missed, and sadly, never to be replaced.

Stephen Doundoulakis, MD