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High altitude EMP is going to remain a concern, and one can expect a number of potential adversaries to attempt to employ it in their favor. There are ongoing studies and research into EMP, its anticipated effects, and how to mitigate them. That said, and this is my distillation of the studies, we'll see some radios and other systems that are completely ruined, but others, that we once were sure would just fail, need a power-reset to restore. Keeping a spare set of gear might be a good idea, and in the warfighter community is certainly achievable, as a safeguard. It should be noted that we've really only seen one solar storm that caused widespread disruption in modern times, although solar events are listed as likely players in HEMP-type events. With that in mind, and with the number of X-class flares we've endured, while I'm always looking at new published HEMP research, I'm less frightened than I was. I suspect that a number of our FET-based designs will do better than we thought they might in the long run.