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Still nothing has changed. Still using E-qip through OPM for the NBIB. I have submitted the clearance request form 4 times over a 6 month period for it to continue to return with the smallest of errors resulting in 6 months of not being able to work at my actual job i am paid to do nor the invstigation even being started.
In 6 months of having my form sent back here are some examples why- a middle inital of a neighbor or being sure I write the same cell phone number in all spaces for that contacts phone number- such as placing the cell number in all 3 home, work and cell space. Am i sure my mother did not take my fathers name. Again still no investigation has been started. Very very very frustrating and a poor system still in place. They are either buying time or pretending to be doing a 'thorough job" during a time we abusively waste tax payer dollars. I'm not sure what the investigators get paid to do if they are incapable of finding someone without a middle initial or using the cell number even if i leave the home and work blank because I dont have a home or work number for someone from 5 years ago or even today.
I am told to track down contact numbers and email addresses of people and places I haven't spoken to, ever met face to face or visited in years as though i myself am investigating myself.

These are the problems of why these BI's are taking so long. Please continue to follow this story i have a good mind of continuously report this to fraud waste and abuse department as it is out of control in how long these BIs are taking.