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The USAF CROWS System Security Engineering team is way ahead of the present cybersecurity mindset and practices as they have failed to do anything for cyber survivability let alone addressing cyber resiliency - not a domain for the IT Systems Engineers, but a System Engineering for Weapon Systems discipline.

The CROWS AST-SSE Team is already partnered with military services and the industrial sectors as their SSEC Guidebook, Version 3.0 was recently released and can be found on AcqNotes or the DoD ATEA sites.

Cyber security using NIST controls is a subset of a far larger effort to transform the USAF system engineering processes from the traditional "V" into the present "W" under their guidebook's work flow processes.

If one wants to join this progressive organization and reach beyond their present abilities as mere security engineers, there are positions open in their Cyber Field Teams for those qualified and able to get past the academic certifications into the realm of pioneering solutions for cyber physical weapon systems.