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Interesting and best wishes for a great column. That said, NETCOM and the G-6/CIO helped put the Army in the mess it is in. It was not your fault. There is too much inertia. Senior leaders come and go. The institution needs to be reset.

DoD needs a different procurement model. It still needs to be in DoD, but it needs to be run commercially (see Norway, Singapore, Qatar...). Acquisition of goods and services should be driven by demand analysis on a cognitive basis against cost, schedule and performance vs. funds appropriated to maintain, train, execute a force that exists in motion. The tasks should largely be separate. Today, the DoD is left to devise a means for which they have little experience or education (senior leaders and across the institution) -- and Congress is not any better. All leaders need better tools. The institution needs re-alignment. It seems we forget -- "Without the institutional Army, the operational Army cannot function. Without the operational Army, the institutional Army has no purpose."