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Hi M. Hobbs -

Thanks for taking the time to comment. We appreciate your feedback. Gen. Fogarty was emphasizing that it was unique that the Army's Cyber Command was housing information warfare. He was saying that the other services hadn't quite organized their IW like that. It wasn't that they don't have IW, just that the Army's way was a bit different.

For the March issue of SIGNAL, we featured aspects of what the Army, Air Force and Navy are doing as for IW (see links below). It is interesting how the military is evolving its IW, and as you pointed out are becoming significant capabilities.

One service that we didn't look into though was the Marine Corps, so thanks for highlighting the IO Center and the MEF groups. We are always looking for outside authors to contribute thoughtful pieces - would you be interested in submitting one?

Army -

Air Force -

Navy -

Thanks, Kim