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The danger being overlooked with articles like this one is twofold: what happens if our GPS is knocked out? Chinese internal intelligence directives preach 'only one' global navigational system (theirs, Beidou); and China and its military partner India have both demonstrated recent showcase destruction of GPS satellites. What's your back-up system? Celestial? Pulsar, what? Secondly, what happens if your responders fall victim to gps spoofing? The tactic Iran used, compliments of China again, to trick the UK commercial vessel off-course into Iranian waters this month. Russia has 'tested' some 5,000 GPS spoofs against commercial shipping already this year. Flexing its muscles. And Israeli Airport Authorities in July warned that commercial jet pilots (!) were unsafe landing and taking off to to GPS interference from Iran and other terror groups or hostile nations.
So our country needs to take a very solid, fast look at alternatives. Because we may all wake up one day - and ambulances have no guidance or first responders are steered off-course, or into a flood or wildfire. Everyone is so enamored with multi-national cooperation, they are ignoring really huge red flags, like such incidents. I have warned since 2015 that the US and NATO need to quickly develop alternative navigational systems ... but it's not yet 'sinking in." We still welcome China with open arms, to our global GPS and Nasa navigational conferences, with offices in Reston VA, and representation from every leading federal agency: but China is the main culprit. China gave Iran the satellite network and tools and knowledge to capture the UK ship. And the SAM missile to shoot down the US Navy drone. China is even MORE reliant on GPS than the US or West ... but China also uses Beidou for two-way listening in. A third danger we've not yet adjusted to, or even, wish to listen to. We can't live in Disneyland forever. Our nice neighbors or bankers or H-1b visas working in the next cubicle, are the same nations that attacked us in Sept 11; that are forcing US and UK troops back into Afghanistan to fight the Taliban again; and that spends 75% of its GDP on tactical military build-up. (China). Russia pales in comparison to China. Ironically, Loudon County, cited in this article, is also home to one of China's largest POP and satellite ground station infrastructure locations in the US. WHY hasn't Loudon raised this issue before? Because whatever supports Chinese navigation over the US - Beidou, Yulong - also gives them the ability to fire and steer weapons against us, and for their 'children," like Iran, to declare war on us. Or send terrorists against us. China has 4 secure data centres in Sterling, a few blocks from the Loudon Sheriff's office. That won't seem so nice if one day all of Virginia first responders are steered into oblivion or an ambush somewhere. Or into crashing into one another.