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This is right up my lane. Since 1998 I’ve used a commonly known to not only joint, the Services have used it for some time as well and in the last decade a fleet added the asset, as an analyst and serving on the CSI team of five in OIFII, and othe places “JADOCS” program especially V2010 still ENG Yet is fielded 2001 can and used from the software approach in force multiplying because it already uses every resource mentioned. IoT, IOBT, and many other feeds. If you want something serviced in current SORd it must touch JADOCS. With a few twitches here and there this IOT/IOBT is only waiting to be tested. Wow, finally tying resources together. As a retired 13Z, my socialization began as fours years 19D into 13F where I really gained traction. Working from armor, motorized, armor again, 101ST, XVIII ABN Corps, 22 service schools culminating in honor graduate USASMA Class 54. Since 1AUG2006 I’ve been a software analyst and presently Senior Consultant Analyst going on 14 years, from door kicker and planned ops at DOCC, Division, Corps, Brigade, Battalion, Company and Team Fire Support Specialist. I’ve with with two of the Army’s J2 Targeteers personally. JADICS will bring it all together swiftly. Using current I.e. CoT, TPG, GCCS-FoS, MIDB extra special tools down to biometrics. God a Bless America having some of the smartest people I’ve ever know or privilege to work with. One being Don Mackert, he’s on here. As well as the smartest intelligence and mixed breed of targeteers trained by every component yet working for a service and most intellectual an dc down to earth let’s talk—US is operating on ten cylinders right now—can I get a “HECK YEA!”