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Do our due diligence and include JADOCS in this testing. From 20+ years fire supporting at Bragg. 101ST, CSI team in the sand, to now a senior Consultant-Software Analysts. I only have 20+ years using everything referenced and I’ve worked with the smartest of the smart. One being Don Mackert and many others I.e. David Faulkner to Adam Legg. JADOCS Software will mold it all together and will deliver to users tomorrow. V2001 is fielded but V2010 in the engineer phase has smoking chops to the BBQ. God Bless our communities and leaders and specialists alike. What a fantastic effort IoT and IoBT. I’ve practically executed everything referenced. Are excited to see how well it’s efforts to deliver to all. JADICS already talks ground to the highest you can imagine, just tweaking the tools and adding a bank or two of ram in places! Can I get a “HECK YEA!”