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The article makes valid points, however, many of the acquisition clauses are mandated due to laws and regulations that had to be put in place because of some incident where people did not do the right thing in terms of ethical conduct and/or pride in their work product. Having been in industry, the military, the civil service, and academia for many years as well as having been a certified acquisition professional,my experience tells me that this problem can only be solved by fixing the laws for government contracting and by also realizing that it is impossible to write or manage a contract unless you are a subject matter expert in the goods or services you are contracting to obtain. People will fire back at me that if you are a contracting officer, you can contract for anything because you use your government subject matter experts. This is a corollary to the "if you are a good manager you can manage anything" myth. If people get real in their thinking, they should come to the conclusion that you cannot contract for or manage a good or service that you know little about. When you have complex good or service, you will have a multidisciplinary team develop the contract package and then help monitor it once awarded. However, every member of the team will still need a solid education in contracting, a good level of experience in acquisition, and a decent level of subject matter expertise about the good or service being contracted. The commercial world does not do everything perfectly either. Large corporations can be just as bureaucratic and convoluted as the government. The real fix is to transition our society to one of well rounded renaissance professionals who are multidisciplinary instead of sticking with our outmoded industrial age mentality of over specialization. Until you fix the mentality of society and make a team members savvy in both contracting and in technical subjects specific to the goods or services that are being contracted to obtain, then expect bureaucracy to get worse as the FAR and DFARS are made even more complex in an effort to fix poorly written contracts that got that way because writing and managing a good contract requires enormous expertise and hard work. You cannot manage what you do not understand is the bottom line. If you have renaissance professionals, they can fix the regulations and make well reasoned and persuasive recommendations for our law makers to fix the laws that are at the root cause of the unnecessary complexity and failure.