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1. The key comment I would like to focus on is:

"Further, the COVID 19 pandemic brutally illustrates the need for better medical intelligence."

Amen. Do we even have "medical intelligence"? I would guess that 99% of our intelligence is electronic. Maybe 1% is human intelligence. Could we even have 0.1% of our intel effort dedicated to medical issues? Seems like a gigantic hole in our intelligence.

2. Signal
I realize the name Signal implies electronic. But really it is an intel magazine. Could Signal take the initiative to expand to include "medical intelligence"?

3. Is "Medical Intelligence" necessary
Sure is. Let's take WWI. See the link: mil/article/210420/worldwide_flu_outbreak_killed_45000_american_soldiers_during_world_war_i

Per the above link, Spanish Flu killed 45,000 vs. 53,000 combat deaths. Seems like medical intelligence would be worthwhile. Or go back to the Spanish American War in which Yellow Fever might have killed as many troops as the Spanish Army. Back then, the US Army put a major effort into defeating Yellow Fever. See the link: com/watch?v=3HXvjqEP-TI&t=8s&ab_channel=WilliamThayer

With COVID, we know that it disabled two US Navy warships, the USS Roosevelt and the USS Kidd. Here is a medical event disabling the US military. Seems like some intelligence on this would have been wise.

4. What's new in detecting COVID?
It seems like a question worth answering, and Signal could provide some answers such as:

(a) Abbott Labs has a $5 COVID test that gives results in 15 minutes and is 97% accurate:

https://abbott.mediaroom. com/2020-08-26-Abbotts-Fast-5-15-Minute-Easy-to-Use-COVID-19-Antigen-Test-Receives-FDA-Emergency-Use-Authorization-Mobile-App-Displays-Test-Results-to-Help-Our-Return-to-Daily-Life-Ramping-Production-to-50-Million-Tests-a-Month

(b) SalivaDirect is another cheap test

https://www.fda. gov/news-events/press-announcements/coronavirus-covid-19-update-fda-issues-emergency-use-authorization-yale-school-public-health

5. How many COVID tests has the US military run?
It looks to me like the military is just hoping for herd immunity. I haven't heard that mass testing is taking place. That doesn't seem real smart. But it would be worth knowing whether this is true or not. The infection rate for the military is about 5.6% vs. 2% for the general population. If the military is trying to prevent COVID from spreading in the military, it doesn't seem like they are doing a very good job. The way we get better is to acknowledge our shortcomings and correct them. See the link on COVID infections and the US military is at the bottom:

https://www.fda. gov/news-events/press-announcements/coronavirus-covid-19-update-fda-issues-emergency-use-authorization-yale-school-public-health