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This article underscores timely prudence. There are immediate fixes to consider. At a minimum, we must assume that in a not-too-distant future adversarial quantum capability could decrypt previously collected sensitive and classified information before declassification. So, vulnerabilities are being planted every day we wait to sow post-quantum resilience. Moreover, quantum capability is positioned to break access controls besides cryptography and much more. Additionally, quantum capability is set to eventually break all patterns, even a complex fractal. All are mathematical. In essence, better NIST algorithms – better math – simply kicks the can down the road. There are methods to add greater post-quantum resilience immediately. For instance, we should be teaming one of the fifteen NIST algorithm challengers with current successfully tested, low overhead non-mathematical fractionalization and watermarking. The neat thing about the latter is that when coupled with a pending NIST post-quantum standard, it counterintuitively improves throughput performance vice degrading it, beside presenting immediate post-quantum resilience.