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This article was insightful. However we see also the rise of individuals and groups emerging on the scene to challenge governments - in terms of control of the internet. China now is struggling with various secret groups inside it's country it can' t seem to control, despite it's best effort to crackdown, control and censor the internet .

The first is called: "the Shadow Network" and it operates in secret inside China as an espionage network (see more on Wikipedia) .

The second group is called: "Ghost net", which has engaged already in recent large scale cyber operations against the Dia Lama and others around the world who it perceives as a threat to China, including attacking various defense related computer networks in the U.S. They are suspected of monitoring social networking siteslike Facebook and Twitter for the purposes of targeting people with information relating to national security, military, technology, and computer science.

Both groups are structured in ways very similiar to "organized crime", especially those of the "Tong". Making it very difficult to identify individual members, especially online where the use of aliases are commonplace. In one case a suspected Ghost Net member goes by the Handle of "the dragon", his symbol is always a "5 clawed" dragon posed to strike. This individual may have been born with a birthmark in the shape of dragon. Some rumors claim the dragon is "fenghuang" and could mean that this individual using this handle is female. Either way the members of Ghost Net are a complete mystery at this point.