Conference Content Delivery to the Desktop


One of AFCEA’s missions is to provide a forum for ethical dialogue between government agencies and industry. In the past, this has only taken the form of conferences, symposia and exhibitions. But today, both AFCEA and SIGNAL Magazine are forging a path in cyberspace to provide yet another avenue for discussion.

In addition to their traditional Web site features, each now provides snippets of material directly from the conference site as well as full coverage by way of audio recordings, usually available within a week of the event. But listening is only one side of a dialogue, so AFCEA and SIGNAL also invite virtual visitors to share their own insights and knowledge by commenting on the blogs and contributing to the wiki. Whether part of the Millennial Generation or ready to retire, participants in these forums are using the tools of their trade to download information into the hard drive they call a brain and suggesting new ways to solve old problems.

The WEBINAR SERIES offers insights about topics that will be discussed during a future event or a burning topic of interest to the AFCEA community.

Before, during and after a SOLUTIONS series event, the C4ISR community is invited to visit and participate in the SOLUTIONS WIKI and the SOLUTIONS GOOGLE GROUP. For those who are unable to attend the event, AFCEA makes speaker and panel discussions available at the AFCEA SOLUTIONS LIVE WEBCAST. And to tap into what was said at a later date, visitors can click on SOLUTIONS SPEAKERS to listen to podcasts and view presentation slides.

During an event, key quotes and notes are broadcast to cell phones and PDAs through TWITTER.

For the first time this year, on-site coverage also was e-published from the JOINT WARFIGHTING CONFERENCE in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Joint Warfighting Conference SPEAKERS AND PANEL PRESENTATIONS also are available.

In the future, look for more opportunities to tap into and contribute to the dialogue in these and other virtual venues such as Second Life.


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