CWID Looking for a few Good Technologies

September 1, 2009
By Henry Kenyon

The 2010 Coalition Warrior Interoperability Demonstration (CWID) cycle has begun. Organizations interested in participating in the event can go to the Federal Business Opportunity site for details about how to participate.

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff sponsors the annual event, which supports the U.S. Defense Department and homeland defense and security acquisition decisions. Federal, state and local government organizations identify the technology solutions they are seeking.

For next year's CWID interoperability trials, decision-makers are interested in solutions in the areas of improved coalition command, control and coordination for conventional and irregular warfare operations as well as leader-centric and net-enabled operations. Other focus areas include enhanced coalition battlespace situational awareness, coalition logistics planning and partnership-building capabilities. Information security also is a key challenge, and CWID organizers would like to see technical solutions in this area as well.

As in 2009, assessment of the interoperability trials will take place in three areas: warfighter/operator utility, technical interoperability and/or information assurance. Warfighters and emergency responder personnel from the U.S. armed services, coalition partners, local and federal agencies and nongovernment organizations will be on hand to examine the technologies.

This year, more than 1,000 senior decision-makers representing the military and other government organizations visited U.S. CWID sites where technologies were put to the test in real-world scenarios. A final report about the event is expected to be released next month and will be posted on the CWID Web site.

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