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SOCOM Seeks to Unleash Connectivity

U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) personnel and partner nation representatives examine SOF radio equipment at Air Force Special Operations Command. SOCOM seeks radios that are independent of partners or places so that SOF operators on the move can communicate seamlessly.

Cutting the communications cord is a goal of SOCOM as it prepares for missions against a new type of foe.


When IoT Devices Go Rogue, Automation Saves the Day

Global information system technology is an integral part of farming. Tampering with these devices via the Internet could cause farmers to make decisions based on faulty data.

The ability to access data on any device from any device multiplies productivity but creates unforeseeable vulnerabilities we're only beginning to understand.


Incoming: A Model for Building a Civilian Reserve Cyber Corps

A civilian cyber corps could support two of U.S. Cyber Command’s three primary missions: defend Defense Department networks to ensure their data is held securely and defend critical infrastructure.

A civilian reserve cyber corps deserves strong consideration as a way to add more capacity to the cyber work force.


An Intelligent Path to Network Modernization

The new generation of network solutions associated with the EIS contract vehicle will benefit all involved—the agencies, the vendors and the taxpayers. Credit: chombosan/Shutterstock

The EIS contract will usher in a new era of telecom with a diverse set of solutions for upgrading to the next generation of network technology.


Cyber Experts Sound the Alarm

Gen. Mark A. Milley, USA, chief of staff of the Army, speaks at CyConUS 2017.

The United States must continue to make inroads in the cyber domain, or it "will lose the war."


Savings, Security Need Not Be Mutually Exclusive

Software-defined networking offers an array of network modernization benefits.

Many U.S. Defense Department networks are built on outdated legacy architecture never designed to address continually evolving threat vectors. 

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