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Army Encryption Chip Finishing Initial NSA Testing

Army Sgt. Evan Tosunian (l) and Sgt. Allan Sosa, both assigned to the California Army National Guard’s 224th Sustainment Brigade, install single-channel ground and airborne radio systems in a Humvee at the National Guard armory in Long Beach, California, in May. The Army’s standardized, reprogrammable encryption chip known as RESCUE will help secure communications for radios, computers, unmanned vehicles and other systems. Credit: Army Staff Sgt. Matthew Ramelb, California Army National Guard

The U.S. Army’s universal, reprogrammable encryption chip is in final testing and could soon be available to the joint community and even industry.


Army Builds Software Readiness

Roderick Wilson performs a scan to ensure all computer equipment on the installation has the proper operating system and software patches installed at Anniston Army Depot. Credit: Jennifer Bacchus

The chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the Army has rebuilt its tactical readiness and is now expanding to focus on strategic readiness.


Red Means Stop, Cyber Means Nothing

When people around the world are communicating, they must use precise terms to ensure they are referring to the same topics, problems, results and solutions. Credit: Shutterstock/

Before the United States can engage with threats effectively, the war against words must take place, including to overuse of the word cyber.


Government Agencies’ Cyber Breach Expected

When the GAO performs cybersecurity-related audits and reports its findings, it provides key recommendations to agencies to improve their networks and information technology from risks. Illustration by Chris D’Elia based on images from GAO Reports and lurri Motov/Shutterstock

The GAO investigates possible weaknesses or cybersecurity gaps and makes key recommendations to rectify problems. In some ways, it saw the latest cyber breach coming.


EU Releases New Cyber Strategy for Digital Decade

The European Union's new Cybersecurity Strategy aims to safeguard a global and open Internet, while at the same time offering safeguards, according to a published announcement. Credit: mixmagic/Shutterstock

The new strategy could allow the EU to step up leadership on international norms and standards in cyberspace, and to strengthen cooperation with partners around the world.


Intelligence Inoculates Against Cyber Intruders

Joint Force Headquarters-Department of Defense Information Network officials use threat intelligence to bolster the defense of the network against a surge of attacks during the pandemic. Source: Rafal Olechowski/Shutterstock

Open source and commercially available intelligence, along with the fusion of cyber and intelligence analysis, help protect DOD networks against a surge of attacks during the pandemic.

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