DoD Releases Open Government Plan

April 8, 2010
By H. Mosher

The Department of Defense yesterday launched the Open Government Plan, its latest salvo aimed at increasing transparency and opportunities for engagement and collaboration. From Elizabeth McGrath, DoD Assistant Deputy Chief Management Officer:

In the four months since the Office of Management and Budget issued an Open Government Directive, the Department of Defense has demonstrated its commitment to improve transparency, participation and collaboration.  Improved transparency can enable the public to better understand goals and activities of the Department and facilitate analysis of data never before shared publicly.  Broader participation can serve to lower barriers between the Federal Government and public citizens.  Finally, greater collaboration can foster an open exchange of ideas between federal employees, public interest groups and the interagency community to maximize creation of best practices and new initiatives.  Embracing Open Government at the Department of Defense will generate new ideas benefiting both the Warfighter and U.S. citizens.

Interested parties are invited to visit the DoD Open Government site, created in February, and provide feedback on the plan at the OpenDefense discussion forum.

A PDF version of the plan is available here.

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