Don't Wear the Hat!

May 26, 2011

The following is a public service announcment regarding public wireless networks.


A series of raids, both CONUS and OCONUS, on the hideouts of known cyber criminals has resulted in the discovery of a number of information documents.  These documents indicated that the cyber crime and terrorism communities have ceased global operations involving the exploitation of unsecured wireless networks.  This dramatic change has occurred primarily because of hardware and software changes in recent years which have greatly reduced the accessibility of desired information from wireless networks.  After having been verified and confirmed by members of the intelligence community, the following guidance has been issued.

It’s official!  It has been deemed safe to use unsecured wireless networks when in public places.  Also, it is no longer necessary to be concerned about cyber criminals using readily available applications to steal information such as login credentials, financial information, or personally identifiable information.  Nor is it necessary to be concerned with your computer becoming part of a botnet used to perform malicious tasks or functions. 

 Additionally, the use of personal firewalls and related cyber security software has been recently discredited as being expensive, unnecessary, and doing nothing more than promoting an unfounded sense of paranoia.  Likewise, modern technology reduces the need to take precautions to prevent shoulder surfing when in public, and allows for the use of publicly available internet connections when convenient. 

 Also, users no longer need to protect their home networks with the same strength passwords used for military information systems.  This is because cyber criminals are no longer prowling office parks and residential neighborhoods searching for unprotected networks to exploit.  Already the number of law enforcement visits to unsuspecting innocent people has dropped quite noticeably due to the significant reduction in computer hijackings.

 The decision by cyber criminals and terrorist groups to drastically cut back on all criminal cyber activity is due to the overwhelming widespread use of personal cyber defenses built into all modern devices, networks, and software in use today. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: For those of you ready to embrace these new changes, CONGRATULATIONS!  You are a certified DUNCE (Dimwitted User Needing Computer Education).  Please see your security officer immediately to receive your DUNCE certificate, and prominently display it in your personal workspace. 

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