EDA Inventories Military Communications Systems

March 8, 2013

To facilitate multinational operations, the European Defence Agency (EDA) has set a future communications project in motion to study the terrestrial and satellite communication network systems in European Union (EU) countries. In this initial step of what will be a four-phase project, the primary EU member states’ existing and future assets will be inventoried. During the first phase of the project, operational scenarios and capability requirements will be identified. The second and third phases will involve identifying the required technical specifications to support these scenarios and the potential capability gaps. During the final phase, radio frequency spectrum will be analyzed to determine which bands are available. The EDA will then make recommendations based on this information and specify the technical and operational resources needed to create a cohesive capability. The work aims at resolving incompatibility issues that the piecemeal development of communications capabilities has caused, hindering multinational cooperation and increasing reliance on other nations for interoperable assets or resources.


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