Encryption Means Never Having to Say -Y&jjh%ff55keJH

July 15, 2010

Some of you might find this interesting.

Below is the personal information of the author of this article and a few other goodies.  It contains his full name, date and location of birth, Social Security Number, current and previous addresses for the past ten years, mother and father’s names and social security numbers, bank accounts and PINs, military CAC (including SIPR) PIN, AKO logon and PIN, entire work history and the combination to the electronic lock on his house (address provided above): 


The author was wise enough to encrypt this information, though certain government agencies might eventually break the code (but it would take a really long time – go ahead, try it). Whether it is the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 compliant encryption for FOUO or otherwise unclassified content or National Security Agency (NSA) certified Type 1 encryption for classified material, encryption keeps data and communications safe even if it physically or electronically falls into the wrong hands. Not using encryption only exposes identities, missions and lives to unnecessary risk.

The author of this article will sleep well tonight knowing, that as widely distributed as this piece might be, his personal information is secure.  Will you?

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