Fundamental Change Requires Strategy

March 28, 2012
By George Seffers

One of the most critical pieces of the U.S. Army's Baseline Information Technology Services (ABITS) effort is measuring data, including customer satisfaction data, said Brig. Gen. Frederick Henry, USA, deputy commanding general of the service's Network Enterprise Technology Command. Gen. Henry made the remarks while addressing the audience at TechNet Land Forces Southwest 2012 in Tucson, Arizona.

ABITS is the Army's effort to transform information technology management. It proposes two categories of customer services: user and organizational. User services are broken down into standard and priority users, who will receive voice, desktop and email services, as well as network and applications access. The goal is to extend essential communications, information assurance and automation services to mission command and business users at home stations and outside combat zones. It is intended to establish clear performance standards, linking services and performance to cost and affordability, and measure user satisfaction.

"ABITS is really a strategy. You cannot transform and you cannot have fundamental change without strategy," said Gen. Henry. "The most critical thing is the data because I need to be able to measure data that tells me the right level of customer satisfaction." He added that, "From a customer perspective, the most important thing is that you have availability of the service. And when that service is not available, that you have a timely resolution on bringing that service back into operation."

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