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DHS Tests Touch-Free Fingerprint System

August 17, 2017
The Homeland Security Department is testing a new contact-free fingerprinting technology at select airports.

While contact-based fingerprint technology has existed for some time, non-contact fingerprinting is still a new frontier.

Institutions of Higher Learning and Active Shooter Preparedness

August 1, 2017
By Bill Sullivan
Bill Sullivan, professor of safety, security and emergency management at Eastern Kentucky University, suggests solutions for preventing active shooter and other attacks in schools.

The use of technology to identify threats can deter violence.

NASA Funds UAV Detection and Tracking Research

July 24, 2017
SwellPro's waterproof drones shoot video both above and below the water. In an effort to keep airspace safe, NASA is funding research into UAV system detection and tracking.

Researchers at North Carolina State University are launching a project to find new ways to detect and track unmanned aircraft in U.S. airspace.

Insider Threat Training Now Required for Federal Contractors

May 31, 2017
By Julianne Simpson

Beginning today, all cleared government contractors must complete insider threat employee awareness training prior to being granted access to classified information and every year thereafter.

Good News, Bad News for Federal Mobile Security

May 4, 2017

A DHS report to Congress indicates that security has improved even as threats have increased.

Border Surveillance System Upgrade Reaches Full Operational Capability

April 11, 2017
The Remote Video Surveillance System upgrade has achieved full operational capability.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Customs and Border Protection has determined the Remote Video Surveillance System upgrade has achieved a full operating capability.

DHS Invites Industry to Test Critical Infrastructure GPS Technology

February 13, 2017

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate has announced an opportunity for manufacturers of Global Positioning System (GPS) equipment used in critical infrastructure to test their products against GPS jamming and spoofing.

The GPS Testing for Critical Infrastructure (GET-CI) event, to be held April 17-21, at the Muscatatuck Urban Training Center in Butlerville, Indiana, is the first in a series of test opportunities.

DHS S&T Has Money to Award for Innovation, New Technologies

By Katie Helwig
Douglas Maughan from the Department of Homeland Security speaks to AFCEA committee members.

The Department of Homeland Security's Science and Technology Directorate has money to award for innovation and new technologies to help safeguard the homefront. The DHS seeks entrepreneurs with a passion for the mission, who demonstrate collaborative problem solving characteristics and who are poised for growth.

Securing the Infrastructure Within the Nation's Critical Infrastructures

October 31, 2016
By David Young

November marks the Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience month. The strongest assembled securities available today can't fully safeguard the nation's critical infrastructure assets. But the good news is that these vulnerabilities are front and center on official radars and primed for increased attention. 

DHS Has More Than 120 New Cyber Hires

Ooctober 21, 2016
By Julianne Simpson

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh C. Johnson gave a report on the department’s progress in cyber hiring, announcing more than 120 new employees.

U.S. Coast Guard Announces Commissioning of Sixth National Security Cutter

September 28, 2016
By Julianne Simpson
The Coast Guard's national security cutters are 418 feet long and have a top speed of 28 knots.

The U.S. Coast Guard announced the service's sixth national security cutter, Munro, will be commissioned April 1, 2017, at the Smith Cove Terminal in Seattle.

First Responder Communication Platform Now Available

August 8, 2016
The Department of Homeland Security has made the Next-Generation Incident Command System globally available.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology (S&T) Directorate has announced the Next-Generation Incident Command System, an information sharing tool for first responders, is now available worldwide.

DHS Seeks Mobile Security Solutions

July 18, 2016

The Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate will host two industry days to provide additional insights to the mobile and cellular industry and researchers about the Mobile Threats and Defenses request for information (RFI).

Tech Officers' Wish List

June 22, 2016
By George I. Seffers

Cloud computing, mobile devices and apps and automation are some of the top technologies that will affect the future of homeland security, according to a panel of technology officers at the 2016 AFCEA Homeland Security Conference.

DHS Canines Need Wearable Computers

June 22, 2016
By George I. Seffers

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is seeking wearable computers to monitor the canines used to protect U.S. borders. The department also seeks a Global Travel Assessment system and Internet of Things security solutions, officials told the 2016 AFCEA Homeland Security Conference audience.

Smarter Machines, Dumber Operators

June 21, 2016
By George I. Seffers

Anyone walking into the Air and Marine Operations Center may at first be impressed with the numerous workstations, the big screens and live video flowing in from cameras mounted on planes and data flowing from a variety of sensors in the United States and elsewhere. But first impressions can be deceiving.

U.S. Initiates Biometrics Program at Atlanta Airport

June 21, 2016
By George I. Seffers

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) started a pilot program last week at the airport in Atlanta to collect biometrics on passengers leaving the country, marking the first time the United States has collected such information. A CBP official said the government released a request for information last night and hopes to release a request for proposals next year.

DHS Continually Improving for the Mission's Sake

June 21, 2016
By George I. Seffers
Russell Deyo, undersecretary for management, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, addresses attendees at the AFCEA Homeland Security Conference in Washington, D.C.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) may sometimes seem like a confused teenager, but it is growing and maturing and striving to make the country stronger, reports Russell Deyo, the DHS undersecretary for management, at the 2016 AFCEA Homeland Security Conference.

Small Business Interests Covered at AFCEA's Homeland Security Conference

May 17, 2016
By Katie Helwig

AFCEA International's annual Homeland Security Conference takes place June 21 and 22 at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center in Washington, D.C., with small business interests well represented during the event.

DHS and NASA Search for Innovation

April 13, 2016

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security announced a partnership with the NASA Center of Excellence for Collaborative Innovation to develop new technology solutions through publicly crowdsourced prize competitions.