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     Credit: SailPoint

Identity Governance in Multicloud Environments

October 13, 2020
By Julianne Simpson
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Many agencies today lack a way to effectively and securely govern access across multicloud environments. Though the use of multiple cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure and Google give agencies the freedom to match the requirements of each use case to the unique strengths of each cloud platform, it also leaves businesses vulnerable to the risks and costs of noncompliance, cyber attacks and human error.

Lack of governance can also stifle productivity and growth—if users can’t get the access they need when they need it, work doesn’t get done. Managing who has access to what and with which privileges is a major challenge in the cloud due to rapid change and its large scale.

Cloud security is a journey not a destination. The best way to begin plotting the course to your successful and secure cloud journey is to hear from the experts.

SailPoint’s latest webinar features two identity governance experts who can help forge your path forward.

Frank Briguglio is a recognized thought leader and authority in identity governance administration. Throughout his career he has been involved in the design and implementation of identity-centric technologies and the development of identity standards. He has supported the Federal Identity, Credential and Access Management Subcommittee (FICAM) as a subject matter expert and was involved in the development of the FICAM Roadmap.

Donovan Blaylock is the emerging technology evangelist for SailPoint, which provides identity and access governance globally for organizations looking to effectively manage user’s access to infrastructure, applications and data throughout the enterprise. Previous to SailPoint, he spent more than 14 years in the defense and federal government space working on some of the largest identity management systems worldwide.

During their thought-provoking presentation, you’ll learn why point solutions aren’t enough and the benefits of applying centralized oversight to your cloud infrastructure. It's critical for every business to understand the three key questions of governance: Who currently has access? Who should have access? How is the access being used?

Watch today and learn more.

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