Interloc Solutions is Building Advanced Naval Maintenance System Prototype

June 20, 2019

Folsom, California-based Interloc Solutions* will be supporting the U.S. Navy’s Command and Control Systems Program Office, known as PMW 150. The company was awarded a performers agreement contract through an other transactional authority vehicle from the National Security Technology Accelerator, also called NSTXL.

Under the agreement, Interloc will develop a prototype of an advanced maintenance repair and overhaul system that can be used on the service’s Naval Operational Business Logistics Enterprise (NOBLE) platform. The prototype will enable shipboard and aviation maintenance using the company’s so-called Mobile Informer over IBM Maximo solution, which uses IBM’s enterprise asset management software known as Maximo.

“Interloc’s ‘Mobility First’ NOBLE prototype solution satisfies all requirements for the Naval Aviation Maintenance System and Naval Operational Maintenance Environment,” a company official stated. “Interloc Mobile Informer allows the Navy a single Enterprise Asset Management System data solution with tailored user interfaces for each Navy maintenance stakeholder across the aviation and shipboard communities. [And it] can be easily tailored to address the varied and unique needs of the Navy’s air, surface, expeditionary, sub, and maintenance communities.”

*Small Business

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