InternetWorks: The Help Files

January 20, 2011
By Beverly Schaeffer

The Internet has invaded almost every facet of life. Basic browsers, social media, smartphones, document-producing software-the list goes on. And though these items may improve life, they also cause frustration headaches. Fortunately, the source of the problem can be the source of the solution. Many websites offer free help and advice about how to resolve issues from technical experts or from average users facing the same problems. Tech Support Guy At Tech Support Guy, users who sign up for a free account can submit queries about issues they have and then receive responses from other account holders. However, the site is so robust that many casual visitors might find answers to their problems by reading through material already posted by other users. The site offers a "Mark Solved" button for people to click if they received the help they needed. Discussion forums include security and malware removal, software and hardware, operating systems, Internet and networking, general technology, and community. The "Guide for New Members" helps people get started with setting up an account and using the services available. This website offers help to Windows users whether they are beginners looking to learn the basics or long-time customers unsure of what to do next. Assistance is available in several categories including using Windows, customizing, networking, reducing clutter, performance and applications. The site also offers help with troubleshooting, overcoming simple annoyances, such as eliminating splash screen or disabling automatic Windows updates, and registry tips. Visitors interested in engaging with other people using the same version of the software can take part in the discussion forums. Anyone looking for freeware should check out the "Software" link. The "Getting Started" tab explains more about Windows and Most information listed on the site is intended for Windows XP, 2000, Me, 98 and 95, but the discussion forums cover Windows 7 and Vista as well. Ask Dave Taylor This website offers help for a range of hardware and software formats including iPhone, Facebook, iPad, websites, Mac OS X and plenty more. Just a few of the categories available include CGI scripts and websites, programming, pay-per-click advertising, Unix and Linux help, Windows PC Help, HTML and CSS assistance, blogs and RSS feeds, building website traffic and information about sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn. Users who still cannot find the information they need can push the red "Ask Dave!" button to submit a new question. Queries will be added to the queue and for a fee can be given priority status. MalekTips For the last 12 years, MalekTips has worked to keep abreast of technology and provide free tips, hints and informative articles on computer-related topics. Links are available to public domain, freeware and shareware as well. Several versions of Microsoft Office, including 2010, are covered along with DOS/Batch, the Internet, various Web browsers, spyware and even digital cameras. Information about certain search engines also is posted. Users can submit their own tips, and if the site posts them, authors will receive credit for the idea and MalekTips will link to the submitter's website. Visitors can sign up to receive alerts about new help and tips by signing up for e-mail notifications. TeMerc Internet Countermeasures No matter the platform, no matter the application, none of it will work correctly very long without the proper security in place. TeMerc's website exists to help home-computer users protect their equipment and information by explaining problems and potential solutions in easy-to-understand language. The information is not focused on sophisticated techies, but on those looking for assistance with straightforward issues. Site visitors can read through a list of spyware symptoms, rules of protection and advice on must-have security options. The "Newbie Reading" section is designed for people just starting out with home computers. In addition to the straightforward tips, the site offers forums where users can engage with one another. TeMerc might not answer every question or distribute every solution but it links to other sites that could help searchers find what they need. The "Sister Sites" link brings up a list of other websites endorsed by TeMerc and with whom TeMerc has some type of relationship. Additional website resources are listed under categories including "Tips/Misc. Info" and "Heroes & Zeroes." These sites are not affiliated with AFCEA or SIGNAL Magazine, and we are not responsible for the content or quality of the products offered. When visiting new websites, please use proper Internet security procedures.

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