Joint Forces Command Dissolves into Stronger, More Agile Organizations

May 10, 2011
By Robert K. Ackerman
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The muscle of Joint Forces Command is not going away, only the overweight organization and its budget that grew fourfold since it was established, said RAdm. Ted Carter, USN, Commander, Joint Enabling Capabilities Command. Joint Forces Command was established to be the Joint Force provider, Joint Force integrator and Joint Force trainer, but as it grew it never had a chance to right size itself either financially or workforce-wise, he explained. Participating in an Engagement Theater presentation at the 2011 Joint Warfighting Conference in Virginia Beach, Virginia, the admiral spoke positively of the smaller, more elite and adaptable force that will evolve from this change. The disestablishment of JFCOM will eliminate the four-star position, headquarters and nonessential functions. The effort will reassign functions scaled for efficiency. Jointness will be protected. The critical functions for the command will be under the Joint Staff and select Combat Commands (COCOMs). Some of at the service functions will return to the services. The workforce going forward will be half, but 80 percent of the Joint Forces Command capability will be retained, and the realignment will not be a physical move for most. Hampton Roads, Virginia, home to Joint Forces Command, will have a significant Joint Staff footprint in the absence of the command. Contractor opportunities in the new organization could appear when a surge capability is required. There is not money put away for this, but if a service is needed, then the money can be apportioned to meet the requirement. "Model and simulation for how we train for a smaller work force will also have to become more agile. We have not made the Atari to X-Box leap in simulation and modeling yet," he explained as an example where work remains. "The expertise in how to operate information technology networks will have a strong demand signal, and this area will remain vibrant," he concluded. The realignment of the Joint Forces Command capabilities will be completed no later than August 2011, with disestablishment completed by March 2012.

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