Know Your AFCEA Benefits: Extensive Scholarship Program

February 15, 2012
By Jordan Garegnani, SIGNAL Connections

AFCEA International is dedicated to academics through the AFCEA Educational Foundation, which offers awards, scholarships and grants. Funds are available for undergraduate, graduate, ROTC and working students; military personnel; and teachers of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) subjects. The association is interested in encouraging minds—no matter the age—and those that cultivate them with financial assistance to pursue an education.

The mission of the foundation is to support development of engineers and technical personnel through selective training, scholarships, awards, prizes and grants for educational activities of unique and high value and professional educational programs.

The foundation’s program of scholarships for students studying hard science disciplines at colleges and universities in the United States comprises only a portion of the annual $1.4 million in AFCEA educational outreach for science and technology.

Located around the world, many of AFCEA’s 146 chapters also provide funding to aspiring engineers, technicians, programmers, military personnel and government officials. Financial assistance is made available for students living or attending school within each chapter's local community.

More than 130 scholarships and five chapter initiative grants were awarded in 2011. The Board of Directors approved $45,000 to fund these chapter grants, with an additional $51,800 in matching funds provided by the chapters. Find chapter scholarships and grants.

Chapters also have a Use of Information Technology in Education Award, Science Teaching Tools program, National High School Science Fair program, and Distinguished Service to Education Award. Some awards require AFCEA membership. In addition, AFCEA members can participate in choosing scholarship awardees.
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