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April 1, 2020

One of AFCEA’s primary focus areas is helping information technology (IT) professionals keep pace with technologies as they evolve. The association accomplishes this task in numerous ways, including continuing education courses at the international and chapter levels, and supporting students entering the field through scholarships and grants.

To assist corporations and government organizations in maintaining staff education, AFCEA’s Professional Development Center (PDC) offers on-site courses, where the association sends an instructor to your location. AFCEA’s instructors are highly regarded government and industry experts, university professors and published authors. Currently, the association offers four on-site courses through the PDC: Automated High Frequency Radio, Military Satellite Communications, Principles of Communications and Networks, and U.S. Intelligence: An Introduction. When companies, commands and government agencies identify a need other than the material offered, AFCEA works with them to develop a course tailored to their needs.

Additionally, the PDC on-site course program enables you to train your staff for a minimum cost. The association will train your personnel for a fixed price, saving your employees time and money on travel.

Eric Johnson teaches the Automated High Frequency Radio course. The course helps students understand the opportunities and challenges high frequency (HF) radio communications present and the ability of the new generation of HF radio technology to overcome the difficulties and provide reliable, economical, long-range communications.

James Mazzei is the instructor for the Military Satellite Communications course. The class material describes the fundamental aspects of satellite communication systems engineering, with emphasis on the description of current and projected satellite networks in a network-centric and transitional communications environment.

The Principles of Communications and Networks course introduces the key principles of communications and networking theory and the technical concepts underlying the communication and networking fields. It is taught by Terry Stockholm.

Mark Lowenthal teaches the course, U.S. Intelligence: An Introduction, which provides a broad overview of the roles, functions, activities and current issues the U.S. intelligence community faces.

Contact Susan Fofi at pdc@afcea.org for additional information, and find more details about all the PDC offers on AFCEA’s Education page at www.afcea.org/education.

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