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McAfee Releases Predictions for 2019 Cybersecurity Landscape

The Cyber Edge
November 29, 2018
Posted by Julianne Simpson
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Cyber criminals are expected to become more sophisticated and collaborative.

Threat researchers from McAfee Labs have released their 2019 cybersecurity threats predictions report. Unfortunately, cyber criminals are expected to become more sophisticated and collaborative as the “underworld” consolidates into stronger malware-as-a-service families actively working together.

Software and security teams will need to adapt as threats become more complex. McAfee predicts more attackers will be using artificial intelligence to avoid detection by security software. “In fact, an entire underground economy has emerged where criminals can now outsource products and dedicated services to aid their activities,” says Thomas Roccia, a researcher on the team.

In 2019, McAfee also expects to see the use of multifaceted, synergistic threats where several different kinds of cyber threats such as phishing and ransomware are used in tandem. Attacks like these are hard to classify and even harder to mitigate.

Finally, researchers predict there will be a significant increase in data exfiltration attacks that target the cloud. Because of an increase in users collaborating on this data, hackers are using numerous methods to seek more targets, especially those with weak application program interfaces (APIs) or ungoverned API points.

You can read the full McAfee Labs 2019 Threats Predictions Report here.

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