Memorial Day Musings

May 25, 2012
By Jonathan Cisneros

I always look forward to Memorial Day just for the fact that we get to celebrate those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country and not to mention, it always falls on my birthday or the day after. For those who have lost their lives and for the Wounded Warriors that now have long roads to recovery, we owe them the homage and the support they ultimately deserve. As we all get ready to bust out our grills, head to the pools and begin our shopping sprees, we should all take a moment and thank those who have given us the freedom to do these activities. Today I am greatly appreciative of the opportunity I have to help our Wounded Warriors and their families. SAIC has given me the chance to reach out to different Wounded Warrior Organizations and assist them with getting Warriors jobs that they can succeed in. As a Wounded Warrior myself, this is a great privilege to be able to pay it forward to those who need help just like the great individuals who supported me during my road to recovery. This is a special and important initiative SAIC has, and we are continuing to improve our program in order to better assist these warriors as they enter a different stage of their lives. These brave men and women need our support just as much as we need them to keep us safe, and sometimes it is hard for the ones that do not have significant physical wounds to accept the fact that they need help. I want to encourage any Warrior who is currently suffering from these invisible wounds-or a family member who knows a Warrior who is struggling-to seek medical attention because the help is out there. We have wonderful people that dedicate their lives to helping our Wounded Warriors and I believe these groups of individuals should be recognized and respected just as much as our Armed Forces on Memorial Day. I gracefully ask everyone to observe Memorial Day with reverence and enjoy the day we have dedicated to our brave men and women who fought for our country and those who have supported our nation's Armed Forces.   Jonathan  Cisneros is a wounded warrior who now works as a staffing assistant for SAIC's Wounded Warrior Hiring Initiative.  The program helps match veterans with open positions within the company, giving them priority status for certain jobs.

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