Minimizing Cost and Delivering Technology Faster Pave the Path to the Future

January 24, 2012
By Robert K. Ackerman
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Despite looming budget cuts, the ability to provide information to the individuals conducting operations is a priority. Fielding technology fast is not only essential, but can help ownership costs, according to Pat Sullivan, a representative of  the program executive office, command, control, communications, computers and intelligence (PEOC4I) addressing a standing-room only crowd at the SPAWAR theatre during West 2012. The kind of work done within SPAWAR will take less of a cut proportionally than rest of Defense Department, he said. But he added that industry needs to pull together to reduce configurations. This approach, he indicated, will enable PEOC4I to field the C4I systems that the Navy needs in the reduced budget environment. Sullivan suggested that in the future there will be three or four different baselines per ship class. As new technology rolls out, "we will engineer things less, and with less things to engineer, we will be able to ensure those things work within the baseline."  This will result in lower timelines with technology being installed in the 6 to 12 month range. This commonality helps with training and configuration management because fewer documents have to change; there are fewer elements to be trained on; and the crews are more mobile among ships.

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