New Jersey to Receive First Public Safety-Grade Mobile 4G LTE Network

January 8, 2015
By Sandra Jontz
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Fire, police and emergency medical personnel in New Jersey will have access to a dedicated first responder network established to ensure priority access and resiliency during natural disasters or attacks.

PMC Associates, Oceus Networks and Fujitsu Network Communications are collaborating to create the JerseyNet project, said to be the first public safety-grade mobile 4G LTE broadband network. It will give first responders a secure, sustainable deployable network that can deliver remote, mobile capabilities mounted on varying platforms, from towable trailers to sport utility vehicles and vans.

The programmers envision networks that can delivering data to boost existing communications or provide communications where existing nodes are compromised or the system overloaded. 

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Why wait for FirstNet? Clearly the municipalities and governments can make arrangements to have these broadband services now, at the present level of security and availability, so why should they wait for and incur the enormous projected costs of FirstNet?

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