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December 15, 2009

Network Access Control Device

Protecting data networks from intrusion and malicious attacks is of vital importance as cyber attacks escalate. The Veri-NAC is designed to prevent network security breaches by only permitting authorized computers and devices onto a defined network. Installing the device does not require the loading of software agents on connected machines. For more information, visit

Laser Thin-Film Scriber


The Octopus is designed to scribe thin-film materials such as photovoltaic cells. The device features 16 independently controlled fiber-delivery channels for scribing individual targets. For more information, visit

Optical Networking Platform
This platform is engineered to help telecommunications operators migrate their existing transport networks to an Internet protocol-optimized transport solution to manage data growth. The hiT 7065 is the size of a file server and consumes 30 percent less power than similar systems. The platform facilitates the integration of interfaces for packet aggregation and storage area networks. For more information, visit

Four-Channel Streaming Data Recorder

Developed for aerospace systems, this four-channel streaming data recorder is designed to support sensor-to-processor streaming data applications. The Vortex SDRxL can record and store up to four channels of data at rates up to 960 megabytes per second. The data logger facilitates the integration of high-speed data recording equipment into subsystems designed for instrumentation recording, mission recording, and signals intelligence/electronic intelligence recording and storage applications. For more information, visit

Portable Battery Charger
Business travelers and first responders need to keep the batteries in their laptops and wireless devices charged wherever they are. The PowerPak is a portable battery and charger combined in one unit. The device’s built-in power reserve will charge a battery with or without an available outlet. For more information, visit

Solar Panel Tilt Control

Keeping solar power systems properly managed and operational is vital for organizations heavily invested in green power. The Iris tilt controller adjusts solar panel angles to achieve maximum light intensity and power levels. It also can detect misaligned panels and move them back into optimal position. For more information, visit







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