New Products

January 15, 2010

Encryptor for High-Frequency Radios
This device is designed to support manpack radios and transceiver systems. The DV AES-256 Encryptor is engineered to improve the quality of voice communications in harsh and noisy environments. The encryptor can be programmed via a radio handset or the front panel of the transceiver. The device features 258-bit AES encryption, 128-bit CES encryption and frequency hopping keys. For more information, visit

Reinforced Weapons Cases

Warfighters and law enforcement personnel sometimes need to transport weapons and other long pieces of equipment without damaging them. The 1750 and 1720 weapons cases feature stainless steel hardware, double throw latches that can withstand up to 400 pounds of pull force, and four locking points that can accept standard or Transportation Security Administration-accepted locks. The cases’ rugged outer shells are made from a high-impact, heat- and chemical-resistant polymer. For more information, visit

Postage Mailing Management Software
Government and commercial organizations can produce large amounts of mail. The Presort Object software application enables federal bureaus and companies to reduce postage costs by allowing system administrators to configure and automate the mailing process, reducing manual labor. The latest version of the software has received the U.S. Postal Service’s PAVE Gold certification. For more information, visit

Voltage Power Converters

Troops and first responders operating in remote areas require reliable power supplies for their communications and computer equipment. The C4500HV series of high-output voltage converters can accept high-input voltages up to 3,000 volts direct current. Designed to be compact and rugged, the converters also feature alternating current models offering either 1-Phase or 3-Phase options and battery-charging models. For more information, visit

Digital Video Security System
This all-in-one digital video recorder (DVR) security system consists of a DVR built into a 19-inch liquid


crystal display monitor and four high-resolution color cameras. The DVR-5500 allows users to remotely operate the cameras over the Internet and features pentaplex operation for simultaneous viewing/playback/backup/configuration. The recorder houses a 500 gigabyte hard drive capable of up to two months of continuous recording and a universal serial bus (USB) port for data backup to a USB flash drive. For more information, visit

Precision Cooling System
Keeping rack-mounted equipment cooled can be a challenge as data centers squeeze more gear into confined spaces. The Liebert CRV rack-sized precision cooling unit is designed for energy-efficient cooling close to the heat source. The device contains a digital scroll compressor and fans designed to provide precise operation. For more information, visit

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