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March 15, 2010

Small Ultrasound Imaging Camera
Developed for non-destructive inspection in military and aerospace applications, this small, rugged ultrasound imaging camera contains the same capabilities of larger cameras but at half the size and a third of the weight. The Acoustocam i600 is a handheld imaging device capable of detecting damage in materials such as composite aircraft structures. For more information, visit

Mobile Satellite Terminal
Soldiers and first responders require reliable and powerful mobile communications when operating in austere or disaster stricken regions. The Hughes 9350 broadband global area network (BGAN) mobile satellite terminal provides connectivity at data speeds up to 400 kilobytes per second. The terminal allows multiple users to send and receive IP packets via Ethernet, universal serial bus, and wireless local area network interfaces in vehicular applications. For more information, visit

Lithium Phosphate Radio Battery
Warfighters need long-lasting batteries to power their communications equipment in the field. The 17 AU Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) rechargeable battery is designed to provide the Codan25 watt, high frequency 2710M manpack transceiver with 65 hours of operating time on a single charge. Lighter than a standard 13 AU NiMH battery, the LiFePO4 is designed to provide 30 percent more capacity and maintain charge five times longer when in storage. For more information, visit

  Encryption For Handheld Devices
This encrypted voice communications technology allows BlackBerry users to send and receive secure voice calls at the controlled unclassified information level. The One Vault Voice capability is designed to support government and commercial users with specialized security requirements. The capability can be expanded to protect other types of data when an independent security module or peer-to-peer protection is necessary. For more information, visit

Rugged Single Board Computer
Mobile military electronics must be able to take a beating and keep on working. Designed to survive in mobile tactical environments, the PX3030 VPX-REDI single board computer features the Intel Core 2 Duo Mobile Processor and 8 gigabytes of random access memory to manage graphics, imagery and video feeds for modern brigade combat teams. For more information, visit

  High Definition to IP Video Encoder
The DM-1320 video encoder is designed to deliver high definition (HD) television over Internet protocol (IP) networks. The device features real time encoding of up to two HD analog video inputs to MPEG-2 HD with stereo audio encoding. The DM-1320 is software upgradable for advanced encoding standards. For more information, visit

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