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August 16, 2010
By George I. Seffers, SIGNAL Connections
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Headborne Energy Analysis and Diagnostic System Generation II

The recently unveiled Headborne Energy Analysis and Diagnostic System (HEADS) helmet sensor is equipped with a programmable, color-light emitting diode that can be set to activate during a blast event, providing immediate notification of a possible combat-related traumatic brain injury. The debut follows a recent $17 million award from the U.S. Army for BAE Systems’ HEADS Generation II sensor, which is designed to better monitor soldiers and assist in the identification and diagnosis of combat-related traumatic brain injuries. The new sensor continuously collects critical, potentially lifesaving data, including impact direction, magnitude, duration, blast pressures, angular and linear accelerations, and the exact times of single or multiple blast events. It not only lights up during a blast, but once the soldier enters a specified area—a forward operating base or dining facility, for example—a series of strategically placed antennaes scan all available HEADS units and send data to a computer, identifying any soldiers who may have a blast-related brain injury. For more information, visit:

Light Body Armor with Smarts

The Ultra Lightweight Warrior body armor includes an integrated power system with a rechargeable power supply to replace the scores of batteries carried in a soldier’s pack. The system uses a unique configuration of power cells to replace batteries; if one cell is disabled, the others continue to provide power. It includes a power meter that tracks energy usage. To recharge, the system can be connected to a standard outlet, or it can use an adapter cable to charge the system through a military vehicle. It also comes equipped with a custom device adapter, which provides the ability to power a number of portable electronic devices, such as radios, Global Positioning System devices, AA battery chargers, mobile music devices and laptops. For more information, see

Griffin Eye Airborne ISR

Griffin Eye is a new manned intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance system that integrates the airborne payload package with an operator console station that collects, formats and displays sensor data for optimum exploitation. Imagery and exploitation products can be sent via an airborne datalink to ground stations for further analysis. Griffin Eye provides field commanders and border patrol agencies with enhanced image exploitation and Claw multi-sensor payload control, which delivers the all-weather precision capability to detect, identify, and track time-sensitive targets anytime, anywhere. For more information, visit:

SIGINT for Quick Reaction Deployment

The N7100 signal intelligence search, collection and direction-finding system is a highly adaptable, modular, compact multimission platform designed for quick-reaction deployment. The system allows users to capture and locate challenging signals in difficult radio-frequency environments, and its measurement speed enables new capabilities, such as ultrafast wideband search, fully integrated wideband direction-finding and sustained multiband signal collection. Other capabilities include radio frequency surveys, signal monitoring, and wideband signal recording and playback to rack-mount disk arrays. For more information, visit
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