New Products

by Henry S. Kenyon

Handheld Receiver

This handheld coded orthogonal frequency division multiplexing monitor/receiver is designed for a range of applications including security surveillance. The palm-sized RFX-PRX-II receiver is available in 2 gigahertz and 5.8 gigahertz versions. It is fully ruggedized with an impact-resistant plastic shell. For more information, visit


Document Inspection Software

Avoiding malicious software in incoming e-mails and files can prevent many headaches for network administrators. The PuriFile v3.2 software is a document inspection tool that detects and identifies hidden objects and metadata in Microsoft Office files that could accidentally or maliciously disclose sensitive information. The program can discover sensitive words or numbers, camouflaged text, hidden pictures or graphics, and cropped and scaled pages. For more information, visit


Tangles of electronics and power cables are not only unsightly but also a potential fire hazard. The CableBox covers and organizes power strips and surplus cable lengths. Made of flame-retardant plastic, it features open slots at either end to align cords. For more information, visit

ART: Cablebox2.jpg

Rugged Handheld Computer

Remaining connected in harsh environments can be a challenged for many workers. The Handheld Toughbook CF-U1 is designed for use by a range of professions, from industrial workers to first responders. The CF-U1 features a backlit keyboard, a sunlight-viewable liquid crystal display screen and a magnesium alloy chassis designed to survive drops up to four feet. For  more information, visit

Laptop Case

Protecting laptop computers from the rigors of travel is a challenge for even the most hardened road warriors. The 1090 Hardback case is a watertight, crush-resistant case designed to protect laptop computers up to 15 inches long. Designed to fit in most soft bags, the 1090’s composite case is impact, heat and chemical resistant. For more information, visit



This family of four- or eight-port universal serial bus (USB) to serial adapters are designed to allow host computers to be repaired or upgraded without reconfiguring the serial ports. The SeaLINK+4M.SC and SeaLINK+8M.SC are software configurable for RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485, eliminating the need to open an enclosure to change jumper settings or dipswitches. The devices can also be configured at one computer and deployed to other computers. For more information, visit

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