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August 2009
Satellite Communications/Search and Rescue System
Military personnel and first responders often work in isolated areas where satellite links are the only reliable means of communications. The HOOK2 GPS (Global Positioning System) combat search and rescue (CSAR) system consists of a software-defined, upgradeable AN/PRC-112G transceiver or an AN/PRC-112B1 transceiver, and a handheld GPS Quickdraw2 interrogator. The system provides two-way messaging and GPS positioning for accurate location data. The Quickdraw interrogator also can turn most aircraft into a CSAR platform by plugging the device into the aircraft’s intercom system. For more information, visit

E-mail System Protection
Spam and e-mail threats can shut down an unprotected government organization’s information technology resources. E-mail System Protection 365 (ESP 365) features message journaling that can integrate with third-party archiving and e-discovery systems, advanced cluster management, and option auto-accept for incoming compliant list/news group messages, and it offers an enhanced queue summary. For more information, contact

Memory Card Cracker/Reader
Law enforcement agencies and military units often have difficulty trying to open confiscated or captured personal identification number (PIN)-locked flash memory devices. Crowbar is a portable, handheld device designed for tactical field operations that can determine if a memory card is PIN-locked, corrupt or damaged. The device can crack PIN codes, create forensic images of unlocked cards for further analysis and serve as a write-blocked card reader for unlocked cards. For more information, visit

Kilowatt Hour Transducers
Designed for use with HOBO data loggers, this family of kilowatt hour transducers measures 1-, 2- or 3-phase power in 2-, 3- or 4-wire configurations. The transducers connect directly to Web-based HOBO U30 monitoring systems and stand-alone HOBO Energy Logger Pro data loggers and can be installed in service panels and junction boxes. For more information, visit

Speech-Enabled Warehousing
Storing supplies and equipment can lead to errors without an accurate data collection system. The Gemini Voice system enables hands-free picking and putaway of items to enhance productivity and accuracy in material-handling operations. The system integrates with Oracle data storage applications, can support more than 36 languages and can filter out background noise to enhance data capture. For more information, visit

Cybersecurity Tools
Maintaining network security and real-time situational awareness in today’s high-threat environment can be challenging for system administrators. The Qosmos Network Intelligence (NI) software identifies and extracts information traveling across Internet protocol networks in real time. The software’s tools classify protocols and applications, generate metadata for all sessions, and extract content. The NI tools also selectively perform reassembly, manage duplicated and de-sequenced packets, and enable correlation of any activity between all network layers. For more information, visit

July 2009
Web Site Monitoring Service
Keeping track of Web sites that are running interactive applications can be challenging for administrators. Transaction Perspective 9.0 is a site monitoring service that features support for interactive Flash and Silverlight, composite Web transactions and third-party online ad tracking. The latest version of the service also includes a new end user portal, an overview dashboard and access to real-time tests. For more information, visit

Flexible Mold Power and Thermocouple Cables
This line of flexible mold power and thermocouple cables for injection molders can be used in a range of applications such as sensors and temperature/process controllers. The cables are available in 10- to 20-inch lengths and are produced through an extrusion/corrugation process to create a seamless, corrugated nylon tube. For more information, visit

Web Service Telephony Utility
Managing computer and voice over Internet connections can become time consuming without the right tools. M5Connect is a Web services application program interface utility that allows both personal computer and Web-based applications to interact with the M5 phone system. The software allows users to click-to-dial and enables automatic screen pop-ups providing call data and contact information for incoming calls. For more information, visit

Rugged Digital Camera
Designed for use by special forces, military and law enforcement personnel, this rugged digital camera includes remote and autonomous capabilities such as wireless data transmission over tens of kilometers and wired transmission without detectable radio frequency signatures. The FrogEye camera supports a variety of image sensors, including electron multiplier charge coupled device (CCD) night vision systems. A 14-megapixel sensor is available for autonomous observation of large buildings and areas in high detail. For more information, visit

Enterprise Archiving Software
Large enterprise systems have the potential to make complex tasks more difficult due to the sheer size and variety of the network. NearPoint 4.0 is designed to help expedite archiving, discovery and preservation of electronically stored information. The software supports multiple data capture methods and provides case management and workflow tools to support legal and compliance teams. For more information, visit

Liquid Tight Tubing
Fabricated for use in high vibration or flexing applications, this line of fittings and tubing is designed to provide permanent assembly between fittings and tubing. Heyco-Flex III tubing is made of halogen-free nylon 6, is flame retardant and can be used in very tight quarters. For more information, visit

June 2009
Solar-Powered Area Light
Lighting is vital for security and work purposes at military and corporate installations. Designed for street and parking lot applications, the EverGEN 1500 solar-powered area light provides high light output with the advantage of a stand-alone power source. The light uses light-emitting diodes to deliver up to 6,800 lumens of illumination. For more information, visit

Multipurpose Printer
This series of color laser printers provide fast, high-quality color printing, copying, faxing and scanning. The Lexmark X730 and C730 series allow users to convert hard copy to digital documents quickly. For more information, visit

Rugged Mobile Router
Designed for installation on military and civil vehicle and aircraft platforms, this rugged mobile router subsystem is based on Cisco Systems’ 3230 mobile access router technology.The DuraMAR 3230 features sealed military standard-compliant connectors for a Cisco internetwork operating system (IOS)-managed 10/100 wide area network port, three IOS-managed 10/100 switch ports, 13 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet switch ports, two multiprotocol serial ports and an RS-232 management console port. The unit also is equipped with a data zeroization button for enhanced security and a conductively cooled chassis with an almost cable-less internal design for reliability under high mechanical stress. For more information, visit

Application Software
Developing and deploying business applications can be challenging without the right software platform. Release 4 of the 4D v11 SQL integrated software platform features new commands and parameters to provide increased control over vector graphics and illustrations. The software also includes enhanced security features for Windows to ensure that 4D applications can be installed without configuration changes. For more information, visit

Multi-Image Display Processor
Managing multiple video images requires dedicated, powerful equipment. The VN-Quantum Connect is a multi-image display processor designed to integrate and scale multiple video and graphic images onto single or multiple displays. It is a dedicated video processor that can size and place up to 128 windows across multiple displays. For more information, visit

Digital Multimeter
Engineered for industrial technicians, the Fluke 289 Industrial Trending Digital Multimeter features automatic safety features such as
ghost voltage detection, enhanced logging with better display for troubleshooting, filters for variable frequency drive output readings and on-screen help. The device also includes capabilities such as saving, recording and trend capture, low pass filter and an information button to provide immediate manual references. For more information, visit

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