August 6, 2020
By Rachel Lilly
Election season is the most exciting time for policy influence organizations, says Duane Blackburn of MITRE.

With the election looming, policymakers both inside and outside the government are working overtime to prepare for what’s ahead. “No matter who wins this election, whether Trump gets a second term or we get a different president, there’s going to be an awful lot of changes,” said Duane Blackburn, S&T policy analyst for The MITRE Corporation, during an interview with AFCEA Asks.

July 15, 2020
By Rachel Lilly
Policy makers face challenges including false information, poor implementation and strong emotions when it comes to biometrics.

Efforts to produce evidence-driven, equitable and outcome-focused policies for biometric technology have been impeded by a lack of in-depth knowledge, poor implementations, false information and emotions running high.