August 1, 2021
By Robert K. Ackerman
Two U.S. Army specialists join a Fijian Army sergeant in planting Dilo trees as part of a coastal and reef revitalization project in the Republic of Fiji. The U.S. Army works with local officials domestically and overseas in projects to support environmental concerns to avoid or repair damage.

Despite being equipped to lay waste to the countryside, the U.S. Army is cleaning up waste and practicing conservation as part of a broad effort of environmental measures. The service is actively pursuing environmental policies that range from preserving endangered species to reducing its carbon footprint by converting its fleet of tactical vehicles to electric power. These efforts are undertaken both at U.S. bases and installations and overseas during training and actual deployments.

Understanding environments is a principal task for every soldier, says Lt. Gen. Walter E. Piatt, USA, director of the Army staff. At the tactical level, the Army must have a deep understanding of the environment.